October 01 2020
Wake up, tired eyes. September has ended.

“What’s wrong? Haven’t you slept?”
“What? I slept well last night.”
“Oh? But you look so tired.”

Are you constantly being told you looked tired despite having a great night sleep? The reason could be your eyes.

The eye is an unconscious yet faithful interpreter of the soul

- Charlotte Bronte

Our eyes are called the “Gateway to our soul”. They give us the first impression when we meet people. As we age, many of us get associated with droopy eyes, dark eye circles and eye bags – the common culprits for tired looking eyes.  But, you can say goodbye to this extra baggage and energize your tired eyes.

Check out our undereye thread lift. Once the thread is applied, the skin immediately feels tighten and lifted. The thread stimulates collagen and elastin growth which recontour and smoothes out the area over time. This procedure is done once every 6-12 months for optimal results.

Undereye thread lift improves the look of wrinkles and bulge under the eye. Sometimes lightening of dark eye circle may also be appreciated. You can finally rejuvenate your eyes and look energized, to much envy.

For more information on our undereye thread lift, drop us a WhatsApp message at 9656 3839 or call 6732 0208.



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