Our Skincare

Here at LinC Aesthetic Clinic, we believe that everyone’s skin care needs are unique - a skin care regimen that works wonderfully for one individual might not work for another. Equipped with years of expertise in aesthetic medicine, we have designed a simple 4-step process for you to obtain a set of skincare products that are tailored to your skin’s specific needs for healthy, beautiful skin.

  • 1
    Credible aesthetic doctor in Singapore

    Share your skincare concerns, needs and expectations with the doctor.

  • 2
    Aesthetic Medical Doctors

    The doctor will then prescribe a customised, holistic skin care regimen that suits your skin’s needs and expectations, while causing minimal inconvinience/disruption to your lifestyle.

  • 3
    Aesthetic Treatment

    Your skincare products are freshly prepared, with a customised blend of scientifically proven ingredients based on the doctor’s prescription.

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    Friendly aesthetic doctors in Singapore

    Our experienced staff will provide clear, specific instructions on the usage of your products upon collection

Oily & Acne Skin+

A series of anti-comedogenic products tailored to deep cleanse clogged pore and reduce oil production and acne breakout.
Cleansing gel
Cleanse off facial oil and clogged pore gently
Refreshes skin and prevents clogged pores
Gentle deep cleansing for clogged pores
Lightweight, water base formula
Serum and cream
Reduce facial oil; non-greasy formula
Oil-free, anti-comedogenic formula

Dry & Sensitive Skin+

Oily & Acne Skin Treatment Oily & Acne Skin Treatment
A series of products tailored to gently cleanse, hydrate and nourish skin.
Cleansing gel
Easily and gently dissolve dirt and makeup
Removes traces of residual impurities on skin
Gentle cleansing while retaining natural moisture
Long lasting effect on skin
Serum and cream
Calm and soothes skin
antioxidants to shield against environment irritants

Pigmented Skin+

Pigmented Skin Treatment Pigmented Skin Treatment
A series of products targeted at age spots and pigments, tailored to refresh and brighten skin.
Cleansing gel
Clean skin by melting away makeup and pollutants
Reduce pigmentation spots
Cleansing foam
Refresh skin after each cleanse
Preserves moisture and glow skin
Whitening essence
Stabilizes skin to prevent pigments


Rejuvenation Rejuvenation
A series of anti-aging products formulated to reduce wrinkles, hydrate, tighten and enhance skin glow.
Cleansing gel
Gently exfoliate and detoxify skin
Tighten skin and retain moisture
Gently remove skin debris, oil and makeup
Neutralize facial imperfections and smoothen wrinkles
Serum and cream
Stimulate formation of new collagen and reduce fine lines
Prevents freckles and cutaneous discoloration


Eye Treatment Eye Treatment
Eye care products tailored to reduce fine lines and dark circles, firm skin under eye, and even out skin tone.
Rejuvenating eye treatment
Reduces dark circles and unsightly puffiness around the eye
Eye whitening cream/essence
Stimulate blood circulation and improve uneven skin tone


Hair Treatment Hair Treatment
Scalp care products tailored to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss.
Provides protective coat over hair shafts
Hair growth shampoo
Remove debris in hair follicles and prevent further hair loss
Hair tonics
Stimulates hair growth and reduce inflammation of the scalp


Body Treatment Body Treatment
Body care products to hydrate, reduce skin discoloration, even out skin tone and make skin supple.
Penetrates quickly with no grease.
Lighten discolored skin and improve uneven skin tone