What is acne?


Acne is a common & stubborn skin problem that can affect us at any age, and on any part of our bodies. It occurs when oil produced by the sebaceous gland is trapped inside the hair follicle, promoting bacterial colonization that leads to inflammation of the follicle. 

Acne is closely associated with hormonal changes - as such, teens and pregnant women are more prone to it than others. 


With appropriate treatment, it is possible to: 

  • Reduce frequency of outbreaks
  • Reduce redness and scars
  • Obtain smoother skin texture

A personal consulation with the doctor is required prior to any treatment, in order to create a customized plan that will ensure optimal results for you. 

When is the right time to treat the acne breakout?

The right time differs from one person to another. While it is pertinent to treat Acne in its earliest development, which is the whitehead and blackhead stage, some people may find that the condition is still manageable. By knowing the stages of acne and recognising the need and willingness for treatment, a prescribed treatment plan have a higher chance of success.