What are large pores?

Large pores are the result of 5 significant factors: 

Sebum. Increased sebum excretion can cause a pore to be stuff up and the contents can “swell up” the follicle (which is what the pore leads into), making the follicle bigger than normal. The opening (ie the pore), will also get bigger. Poral occlusion. The usual response to a blocked pore can also further increase its size. When we squeeze the pore to empty the contents of the follicle, we enlarge the pore opening, hence pore size. Genetics. Some are born with baby skin, even at later stages of life. Some have oily tendencies and hence bigger pore size. Environmental. Sun exposure, heat exposure, oily environment (eg deep frying in the kitchen),  can increase pore size. Lifestyle. Sauna, cosmetics that cause poral occlusion and squeezing of blocked pores can exacerbate pore enlargement.


With appropriate treatment, it is possible to: 

  • Achieve smoother, refined skin
  • Reduce oiliness of skin
  • Reduce pore blockage

A personal consultation with the doctor is required prior to any treatment, in order to create a customized plan that will ensure optimal results for you. 

Help, Help! Why are my pores so LARGE?

Many factors combined determine pore size. Sebum excretion, poral occlusion, genetics, environmental and lifestyle factors are some examples.